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Emma Goldman

            Emma Goldman was born on June 27 1869. She was a courageous and outspoken Anarchist and Feminist, as well as one of the greatest radical propagandists in the United States. Along with being an exceptional propagandist, Goldman was also a good organizer who campaigned for more than thirty years to define the limits of dissent and free speech during the Progressive American era. In 1885 Goldman immigrated to the United States. Originally born in Lithuania to a Russian-Jewish family, in America her hopes were to leave the reality of working in a clothing factory. In 1889 Goldman went to New York City and there she joined a German anarchist movement where she expressed ideas of revolutionary violence in the form of political assassination that derived from their Russian experiences. Goldman opposed involuntary military service because she was an Anarchist who believed in free choice in all aspects of life. Goldman was enthusiastically involved in fighting America's march toward war. Goldman's beliefs that a campaign to prepare for war would result in a militarized America, furthermore in Goldman's "Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty" she expresses her concern about how military build up, leads to organized efforts to oppose recruitment.
             Emma Goldman was a major figure in the history of American radicalism and feminism. During the period in which she lived expressing controversial ideas that were dangerous and even more so for women; Although, Goldman insisted on her right to challenge the ordinary. Her Anarchism was one of many political philosophies of her time, including socialism, communism, utopianism, populism, and progressivism, that challenged and influenced the evolution of the dominant social and political culture. As an Anarchist, Goldman maintained the social justice and individual freedom that could not be legislated by the state. Instead she argued that a complete transformation of social values and economic relations was needed.

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