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            Deadalus was a son of the royal house of Athens; he was also a brilliant architect, engineer, artist, craftsman, and inventor. He learned everything he knew from the goddess Athena herself. Deadalus had an apprentice who has his 12 year old nephew Talus. The boy was quick and soon surpassed even his uncle. He started to invent things the potter's wheel, and a saw Deadalus was becoming very jealous of his nephew. Each day he grew more and more jealous of Talus. One day under the pretext of showing Talus the sights of Athens, he lured him up to the roof of Athens temple and pushed Talus over to his death. Deadalus had offended the god and therefore banished from Athens.
             Deadalus to Cnossus, in Crete, were King Minos gave him sanctuary. He amused the royal family craving them wooden dolls and creating other trinkets for them. Life was boring but peaceful enough. That was until Minos offended the god Poseidon by refusing to sacrifice a certain white goat, Poseidon shoed his displeasure by making Minos" wife fall in love with the handsome bull. The Queen confided in Deadalus about her lust and taking pity on her made a life like wooden cow were the queen concealed herself and was able to gratify her desire. As a result Pasiphae gave birth to the Minotaur who had the head of the bull and a human body. King Minos asked Deadalus to make him a labyrinth were there was no escape. But when he found out that it was Deadalus who helped his wife he put him in the maze as well as his son Icarus. They had no trouble escaping since it was Deadalus who created it. But the king caught them and shut them in a high tower and again they escaped. Deadalus told Icarus not to fear because the King might control the land and sea but he doesn't control the air. So Deadalus gathered feathers and secretly worked to create wings. With a pair for both of them they practiced making short flights. When Deadalus felt Icarus he embraced his son and said:"Icarus heed me.

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