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             How the United States got involved with the Vietnam war begins with United States supporting Vietnamese ruler Ngo Dinh Diem in South Vietnam against the North which had just recently fell to communism. The CIA helped Ngo Dinh Diem to win the elections by rigging them, and so therefore he became increasingly dictatorial. About Vietnam Kennedy said, "it's a test of American responsibility and determination" to prevent communist domination in Vietnam. Because for communism to be successful, everyone must be communist, and they did not want Vietnam to fall to it. Kennedy increased aid to South Vietnam and sent 16,000 military advisers, many of whom saw action in the escalating guerrilla war. Both Kennedy and Diem were assassinated in November, 1963. Lyndon Johnson then took over, and continued the increased military aid to South Vietnam. In 1964, the U.S.S. Maddox clashed with the communist patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. So I feel that the United States efforts in Vietnam should be praised because they were trying to prevent the spread of communism which could be a big threat if everyone was to fall to it. So the United States was trying to protect its own nation, much less the rest of the world. .
             Probably one of the biggest supporters was the United States government, obviously. But the government knows a lot about running countries, and how things happen with politics and so forth. This is a fairly large group including senators, and representatives, etc. But most people were fine with the war at the first, but then as the war drug on people began to revolt and speak out against the United States actions. But what the general public does not realize and know is that the government has a lot of knowledge about these issues. Although the Vietnam war was a very long and delirious one, more than half the population supported it at first. .
             Most citizens at the time would argue with me on the fact that we should be at war.

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