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Visions By Michio Kaku

            This book review only cover chapter 1-4.
             Michio Kaku, a scientist examines the future in his book Visions. Kaku proposed scientists are more accurate predictors of the future due to their knowledge of scientific laws. He also states scientists are creators of the technology that will make up the future while others, such as writers and sociologist, are consumers of such technology (pg 5). The significance of this work is contained in the hope of determining the direction of our society accurately by applying scientific laws and revolutions already being used. By using the fundamental laws scientist have already uncovered such as the quantum theory of matter, Einstein's theory of space time, the Big Bang theory of cosmology, the Darwinian theory of evolution and the molecular basis of DNA and life (pg 9), science will expand from great ideas of nature to a level of understanding and mastering nature.
             Kaku, a physicist himself, also worked with more than 150 other scientists to insure integrity into his work Visions. Working from the known to the unknown one can easily follow and analyze Kaku's logic. First, focusing the three pillars of modern science, matter, life, and the mind, the author states other great scientific revolutions are now in place. These are the quantum revolution, the computer revolution, and the biomolecular revolution. By the convergence of these principles, synergy is created. As one analyzes the past, looking to the future, one will see the end of reductionism. The twentieth century has been a time of "reducing everything to it smallest component" (pg 10). The ability to break down components in nature and understand then will lead to a new revolution, synergy. The quantum theory, which was established in the 1950's, has given rise to other revolutions: the computer revolution and the biomolecular revolution. It is the author's belief that by combining and mixing these revolutions a new powerful tool has been created that will guide man" s ability to alter "matter life and intelligence" in the future (pg 12).

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