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Henry Fords Automoblie production

             The initiation of the assembly line#, the division of labor#, and the development of interchangeable parts# lead to Henry Ford's ability to increase auto production at a more affordable price. These three factors of the automobile factorization allowed for people to own cars and to travel to places a lot farther than they could before. Henry Ford wanted to make sure that everyone in America had a car. During the beginning of automobile production, cars took a long time to build and when they were finished, they were expensive and only few people had them. Henry Ford changed all of this with these three new ideas.
             The first main idea that helped glue these three ideas together was the car design itself. His first car design was called the Model T. It was a simple, sturdy car without any changes, meaning that you could not choose a color, and you could not have one specially made. This first design came out in 1908, but Ford was not satisfied with the outcome. His idea was to produce a "motor car for the great multitude." It was then that he realized that he needed a more efficient way to produce cars at a more affordable price. He and his team came up with the ideas of the movable assembly line, the division of labor, and the development of interchangeable parts to help initiate a way to have more cars at a more affordable price.
             The first of these three ideas was the initiation of the assembly line. This idea improved the amount of cars being produced and lowered the prices. He was first inspired by the meat-packing houses in Chicago. He believed, like the meat-packing houses, if he brought work to the workers, they spent less time moving about and more time concentrating on their one job. After he introduced the Model T and founded his idea of the assembly line, in 1913 he became the world's fastest and leading car manufacturer. He did this by simply dividing the building of the Model T into 84 steps.

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