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Web Page Critique

             Writing critiques on a web site that uses good design skills and one that is poorly designed web skills was not an easy task. The good web site and the one I really liked seemed as if it was easier to write about http://www.rollingstone.com . The bad site I refer to is the site I do not like and is located at http://www.pinkmonkey.com . .
             For my first critique I have chosen the web site from the magazine, Rolling Stone to which I have subscribed to for over 20 years. The site http://www.rollingstone.com is one of my favorite web sites to visit in my spare time. The designer of this web site certainly optimized their talent and tools. The page loads very quickly and has a very eye catching appeal to either a novice or an expert. The site builder's objectivity is clear from the beginning and lets the user see that through the entire sites navigation. .
             The web site contains professional standards that should be contained in any web site. All of the links worked properly resulting in no broken links. The pictures were all displayed where they were supposed to be. The pictures and articles all have more detail and if you choose you can follow numerous links to get more details on the latest topics. I checked over 30 of the links and all of them connected properly.
             The use of grammar and punctuation were all used adequately where they can be applied. All of the links had informative accuracy. The appearance of this page is very inviting to the user and gets your attention and makes you want to continue viewing related information. It is my opinion to support this web site for excellent use of design principals and also because it has a variety of music and entertainment that appeals to a diverse audience. It uses consistency throughout all of its web design and structure. The consistency is there where ever you click. The functionality is what makes this one of the best web sites I visit on a regular basis.

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