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Web Servers

            Web-server software plays a large role in determining how quickly and how many browsers your site can service simultaneously. A web-servers primary function is to respond to a request from a browser, then determine weather to grant access to a desired item. Then it responds to the request by either returning a file, or an error message. The better the server the more quickly it can service a specified number of browsers. There are several different brands of web-servers, among them are the Zeus 4.0, and the Apache HTTP Server 1.3. Each of these web-servers has different pros and cons. Some are better doing certain processes than others. .
             The Apache HTTP runs on a variety of platforms; Windows, Mac OS X and many Unix Platforms. Apaches design allows you to add in new features very easily without major changes to the core. You can purchase a commercial version of Apache for $995 at www.redhat.com. According to the latest Netcraft survey the Apache HTTP is behind more than half of all web sites. Apache was ahead of the competition for a while and now has recently remained unchanged while competing servers gain more features and better performance. Apache doesn't support dynamic reconfiguration so to change its setting you first must restart the server. .
             The Zeus web-server was PC magazines "Editors Choice". The Zeus server runs on the Unix platform. This web-server costs $1,700 but you will get what you pay for. According to PC magazine the Zeus is much faster than the Apache and is far easier to set up and administer. The Zeus also offers the most virtual server features it is the only server with real-time graphical site monitoring. According to PC labs Scorecard the Zeus received an overall 5 out of 5 rating the apache only received a 3 of 5. The only downfall of this server is that there is no Windows version. .
             The web-server you choose plays an extremely large role in determining how quickly you can service your browsers.

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