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War Between Races

             The Los Angeles Riots of 1992 marked a recurring problem facing the people of the city as well as the country. Rising racial tension and a police force that justifiably deserved the label "racist", plagued the city of Los Angeles. The lack of policies of chief Daryl Gates and the vicious beating of Rodney King ignited a powder keg. The raw feeling of despair and ineptitude swept through the streets of Los Angeles like wildfire, leaving men such as Greg Alan Williams, with decisions to make. The truth existed, hidden somewhere behind preconceived notions and unfounded bias, but to some, the riots allowed men to behave like savage beasts without consciences. The Los Angeles riots enveloped the streets of the city in a flash that created a melee but at the same time brought forth positive figures who maintained their own propriety.
             The 1990's marked a new era in police behavior and brutality for Los Angelinos. The police force under the authority of chief Daryl Gates paved the way for troubling race relations. The city of Los Angeles described itself as a melting pot, a conglomeration of races, religions, and ways of life. The eighties had passed by, and now the people began a new endeavor in a new decade. Due to its immense size, Los Angeles lacked a police force that could be portrayed as caring or sensitive to the needs of the common citizen. In addition, the melting pot of diversity slowly started to boil over in controversy due to a graphic video of police brutality.
             The African-American community would soon have unalienable proof of the injustice perpetually served to them. "Holliday focused his camcorder lens on the scene outside his Los Angeles apartment" (Brewster & Jennings 537). The action of an anonymous man ignited a fire that raged in the hearts of the African American citizens. Stacy Koon along with three other fellow LAPD law enforcers savagely beat Rodney King showing "undeniable proof of a serious crime and .

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