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West Nile

             "It's 1937, how long have I been out for?" Said the old man. Well sir only about one hour, we were traveling along our journey in the Middle East when you thought a bee stung you. Minutes later sir you hit the ground an when I opened the palm of your hand; there was a smashed mosquito. "Hum I must have the West Nile virus its common in this area of the Middle East quick you need to get me to a doctor." Said the old man. That would be a traveler and his partner back in 1937; the West Nile Virus was indeed started in parts of the Middle East. Until recent most people outside of the science world didn't know if we were in risk, how the virus got to the United States, the effects of this virus, or what the virus even is, let alone what the symptoms are.
             The West Nile Virus has symptoms just like any other virus; they might not be as noticeable as chicken pox. If you think you might have some West Nile flowing in your blood be careful of the fallowing. Once infected you won't feel any kind of illness in your every day health. The common sign is you might start to feel a fever, treat it as a fever because you might not have West Nile yet. Progressively your head will start to hurt and so will your body this is a good indication that maybe your fever is more serious when first approached. The dead give away symptoms show the lymph glands getting swollen, and the skin on your body break out in a rash its time to go see a professional to check you out. Other signs that could be West Nile are stiffness, muscle weakness, and stupor disorientation. Symptoms last only a few days to a week.
             The West Nile Virus is a virus that is carried from a mosquito. The mosquito that carries the virus must infect another living creature. This makes humans very vulnerable. Mostly birds are the most commonly effected creatures besides the carrier. This is good because bird don't usually attack humans. This doesn't mean were not at risk, elderly people over 60 have the best chance of getting the virus.

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