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The Joy Luck Club

             The Joy Luck Club is a very confusing yet exciting sequence of stories and events that happened to a group of Chinese decent people. The story begins with the beginning tale of the Joy Luck Club, made up in China to bring friends together to play and bet on money and hope for good luck. They would have food and play a game at the mah jong table. Each corner of the table named North, South, East, and West, was occupied by the wives. One for each corner. .
             Each story is about a daughter and her mother. Their bonds, their tales with each other, their influences in each others lives. The stories start with the mah jong tables occupants daughters. They start the story with their life now them being older then they go into their past memories with their mothers. What they did that they regret what they hated about their parents. They would end with their lives now the relationship between them and their mothers at that point. .
             Then the mothers tell their side of the stories how they felt about their daughters and how they thought their daughters felt about them. They explain the same stories just in a different view. Then the same mothers tell stories about their mothers in China. They tell almost the same stories their daughters told. How they were to act in China their relationship between them and their mothers. .
             The lives of these people are amazing, the things they've gone through to be faithful and true to their mothers, and back to their daughters. Each story has its own meaning but they all have to do with the relationship between you and your mother. .
             Theme: The relationship between daughter and mother, what is in their blood and what is in their heart.

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