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What Is Moral Freedom?

             What is moral freedom? That is the question at hand. First we must break down the two words into separate definitions and then entwine the definitions to make one logical explanation. .
             Beginning with the definition of moral; moral means one relating to the principles of right and wrong in behavior. This definition suggests that moral agents are capable of right or wrong actions. A true moral agent knows the rewards of doing right and the consequences of carrying out wrong actions.
             Next, freedom means one being unrestricted or liberated from restraint from the power of another. The definition of freedom suggests that one is granted responsibility of their actions. With freedom no moral agent is forced or coerced to do anything that he or she does not want to do.
             After defining each word I obtained a final definition of the phrase moral freedom. Moral freedom is when a moral agent is unrestricted in their capability of having right or wrong actions and they also make these decisions on their own with no persuasion. A person obtains moral freedom when they recognize and accept the guidelines of virtuous actions and behaviors.

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