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Monasteries In Medieval Society

            What Functions Did Monasteries Fulfill In Medieval Society (use Evidence From The Primary Source Extracts To Support Your Analysis)? What Were Some Of The Reasons Why They Did So?.
             During the Middle Ages, the monasteries became the most dominant influence on life in Europe for the reason that almost the entire population of Europe was Christian. Christianity was the integrating principle, and the monasteries were the dominant institution of the Middle Ages. Monasteries played a foremost element in the Medieval Society with the spread of Christian idea and the increasing power of the monasteries. In this essay, I will firstly examine the functions that the monasteries fulfilled, and then discuss the reasons why they did so.
             Monasteries were the institution of religion where people pray to God and perform religious activities. As the Medieval Society was a deeply devoted Christian community, people were taught to love the Lord God whole heartedly with all their strength and their soul (Benedict The Rule of St Benedict Chapter IV 1). The primary purpose of the monasteries acting as the center of the religion was to pray and be completely devoted to God physically and mentally (Benedict The Rule of St Benedict Extract Chapter IV 57-63). Monasteries also act as the intermediary between the people and God. Before making an important decision, prayers were often presented for clarification; and the imperial monasteries of Germany prayed day and night to archive the prosperity of the empire. Solemn prayers were mainly objecting for triumph and peace ( Tellenbach, 1959:79). .
             The question is often raised, can money buy you your ticket to heaven? An important feudal lord, William gave away his possessions for the love of God and for the salvation of souls (Cluny Foundation Charter Extract 1).The rich or noble people left land or money to the local religious order when they pass away. The monks and nuns will then pray for their soul in return.

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