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Where The Domino Fell

            Book Report: "Where the Domino Fell : America and Vietnam, 1945-1990" .
             The topic of the book is the Vietnam War, specifically dealing with American involvement in the war. It provides a history of the events of Vietnam beginning from the end of World War II, continuing through to the Vietnam War itself. The Indochina War and the second Indochina War are also covered. This is followed by a discussion about the impact of the Vietnam War up to the present time. .
             While the book has an American perspective it also offers a view of all sides of the war so that the whole chain of events can be fully understood.
             Central Ideas of The Book.
             The book attempts to offer a full and unbiased view of the history of the Vietnam War. .
             This includes discussing the environment that led to American involvement in the war. The political aims and the contribution that politics made are also covered in detail. As well as this the social and economic environment that led to the war are also discussed in detail.
             The book has an American viewpoint but does not argue that the decisions made by America were right. Instead it provides enough information that the decisions made can be understood. .
             It is not an argument for America, but does allow the reader to understand how the decisions were made. It attempts to describe all the parties involve and put all the decisions and actions in context.
             As well as this it describes what effect the Vietnam War has had on America up the present time.
             In this way a view is presented that follows the war from the events that led to it, to the war itself and up to how it impacts in the present day. .
             As well as providing the historical events, the book attempts to put the Vietnam War in its place in history.
             Evidence and Arguments Presented.
             While the authors offer a history based on American involvement in Vietnam they also include background details on all the other parties involved in the war.

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