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Who Killed Percy Boyd Staunton

            The supernatural has been a topic of discussion since before time. Sometimes it's even referred to "powers beyond our control." There have always been mysteries to the human mind that still have not yet been explained. Fifth business shares this theme of the supernatural several times within the novel itself. It shows itself to Dunny, Percy and Paul.
             Paul Dempster killed Percy Boyd Staunton. This is proven by the fact that Paul was an escape artist. As well, hypnosis could have played a part in the killing. Finally, Paul had made the statement: "I have everything I need.".
             Paul was an escape artist. He shoed his appearance illusion on his magic show. "He began his show by appearing in the middle of the stage out of nowhere; he plucked a wand from the air, and wrapping himself in a black cloak, suddenly became transparent then, after another flourish of the cloak, he was present in the flesh again." (203-204). This was the Pepper's Ghost illusion. Paul had also performed several escaping tricks such as " From ropes and straps bound on him by men from the audience who fancied themselves as artists in bondage." (205). The grand escape was being in the metal container, in the water. "Eisengrim, wearing only a pair of bathing trunks, was handcuffed and pushed upside down into a metal container like a milk can. The top of the milk can was fastened shut with padlocks, some of which members of the audience had brought with them. The milk can was lowered into a tank of water, with glass windows in it so that the audience could see the interior clearly. Curtains were drawn around the tank and its contents, and the audience sat in silence to await events. Two men were asked to time the escape; and if more than 3 minutes elapsed, they were to order the fireman who was in attendance to break open the milk can without delay. The three minutes passed. The fireman was given the word and made a very clumsy business of getting the can out of the tank and opening the padlocks.

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