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Epic Traits of Beowulf

             • "Beowulf" is a long narrative poem that is majestic in both theme and style. This is apparent because it includes many rhetorical devices that set a certain tone and style for the poem.
             • Beowulf deals with legendary events of universal significance that involves action. An example of a legendary event is the fight between Grendel and Beowulf in lines 114 - 264. This marks a legendary event of universal significance because the fight initiates Beowulf as the hero.
             • The story deals with the exploits of a single individual who is Beowulf. This is evident throughout the story. This trait provides unity to the composition because it links all the events together.
             • The story includes features such as the introduction of supernatural forces that shape the action. Evidence of this lies in lines 201 - 205 during Grendel and Beowulf's fight where it states that no man's weapon could harm Grendel because they were all bewitched. Witchcraft is a supernatural force in a sense. Another detail that indicated supernatural force is the fact that Beowulf is fighting a monster and monsters don't exist in real life.
             • The story also incorporates a hero which is required for epic poetry. The hero, Beowulf, is a legendary character of historical importance and significance.
             • This poem summarizes and expresses the nature or ideals of an entire nation which is the Danes. The crucial period of its history is illustrated in the poem in which the fate of the nation depends on Beowulf, the hero.
             • An epic poem usually presents the situations of good and evil and life and death. These traits are evident in this poem because Beowulf represents good and Grendel represents evil. Good and evil most often lead to life or death as was the case in which Beowulf lived because he represented good and Grendel died because of his representation of evil.

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