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The Country of the Blind

             Although Nunez had the ability of sight, it did not prove to be an advantage in dealing with the people of the country of the blind because they had been without sight for so long their other sensed had been honed to perfection. Their hearing had improved to compensate for their lack of vision so well that they could visualize everything around them by the sounds that they heard. Their sense of touch had also improved to the point that they could feel the texture of objects without being able to see them. Their memory was also very sharp and they knew exactly where they were at all times. The loss of vision did not affect the people of the Country of the Blind as severe as Nunez first though. The slow loss of vision had given time for the people to develop their other senses more.
             I think Nunez fell in love with Medina rather than with some other woman in the Country of the Blind because she looked more like him than any of the other women. Her eyes were not sunken in and to him she appeared to have eyes, by the standard of the other people this was considered ugly. I also think that he fell in love with Medina because she was the only one that would listen to what he had to say. Although Nunez's love for Medina was strong it was not strong enough for him to sacrifice his vision to be with her.
             The proverb "In the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyes Man Shall be King" is an ironic statement when applied to this story because from Nunez's experiences he appeared to me more inept to function compared to the people of the Valley. For how well the people's senses were, Nunez was clumsy and was treated like an infant. Their other senses were so developed their motor ability was far greater that Nunez's even though he had the advantage of sight. A kick is either brought for the because of superiority or because of birth right, and Nunez had neither.

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