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Masculinity vs femininity

             In order to live in a well and diverse life in today's society, one cannot argue that treating people as equals is the right thing to do. Everyone, who treats people with respect, should be treated with respect in return; however there are always people who treat others with deep respect as equal's and never get the respect they deserve in return. Certainly, as human beings, we take things for granted such as our right to be free, when we should be really grateful. Three important women: "A Treatise on Domestic Economy," by Catharine Beecher, "Enfranchisement of Women," by Louisa Cheves McCord, and "A Slave's Appeal," by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. These three women believed in fighting for women rights and in treating people with respect despite their race, gender, or religion is deserving and important for all human beings. I will point out in the three examples below with situations where women did not compare nearly as good enough to men. .
             The story of Beecher, who believes women should stay home and take care of the household. Catharine Beecher believed women were equal to men because they work as hard as men do, by taking care of the household, however; she believes women should attend school and get an education. She said that an education can enhance women skills which was necessary to take care of the household. In this passage, Beecher said.
             It appears, then, that it is in America, alone, that women are raised to an .
             equality with the other sex; and that, both in theory and practice, their .
             interests are regarded as of equal value. (p.296).
             This quote showed that Catharine Beecher believes women are equal to men and should be treated as equals because they raise the children of the household. Since the men are masculine, they work and bring the paycheck while the women raises the children and take care of the house. This quote also represents, women doing the same amount of workload, maybe even more then men.

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