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Comparison essay between Digging and Death of a Naturalist

            I will compare the two poems of Seamus Heaney,Digging and Death of a Naturalist.
             First, I will talk about the similarities in the poems . The most important theme in the Heaney's poem and the most recurring is Nature . I think he uses this theme because it maybe the closest to his heart.A similarity between those two poems is they are both talking about nature. Another similarity is that they are both looking back at childhood memories, "Death of a Naturalist", the words "daddy.mammy",which refers to a child, usually children talk like this. In "Digging"the words,"my grandfather", refers that it was a childhood memory because, his grandfather would have died, when the poet is an adult.Both of the poems have metaphors, in "Death of a Naturalist", he used metaphors, to widen the imagination of the child he was and in "Digging", he used metaphors to also widen the memories he is talking about.The kind of metaphors in "Digging" are: "The squat pen rests," "bends low,comes up twenty years away", and "when the spade sinks",these metaphors were also an imagery in the poem. The metaphors in "Death of a Naturalist" are childish, because the poet wrote the poem while using a childs thoughts and way of thinking and loking at things, the kinf of metaphors,were like,"Wore a strong gauze","punishing sun" and "angry frogs".In both poems, there was a break, in "Death of a Naturalist" because the poet wanted to tell a story after after talking about his general things when he was a child. In "Digging" there is a break because the poet wanted to start a stanza where he looked back in time.
             On the other hand there are also differences between the two poems. The "Digging" poem had a theme, that washow the child looks at his parents and family.The "Death of a Naturalist" poem had a theme, that hobby inside a child. The kind of words, in "Digging", to refer to the theme were "My father digging.I lookdown",and "my grandfather cut more turf in a day".

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