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Anorexia and Bulimia

            Eating disorders are a growing issue amongst teenagers all over the world both in males and females. Anorexia and bulimia are the 2 most serious eating disorders and are now even been diagnosed in children as young as 7. Anorexia effects 2 out of every 100 girls and bulimia effects 1 in every 6 females in their later teens. Both these illnesses are treatable but doctors still don't know what causes a person to suffer from them.
             Female Anorexia sufferers are determined to control the amount of food they eat in order to control their body fat. In most cases a suffer will be on an extreme diet and will constantly exercise to lose the weight. Where as a male will also control his food intake but will exercise in order to get muscle definition rather then look smaller, they usually are on some type of steroid to in hance their chances of having the perfect body.
             There are a number of reasons to why a person might suffer from anorexia; they are physical, emotional or sexual trauma, cultural emphasis on being thin, peer influence or even stress. And with this there are also a number of medical problems, they could be liver and kidney damage, low blood sugar, a permanent lose of bone mass, in females they could develop an irregular menstrual cycle which could lead to infertility, increased risk of cardiovascular disease and even death. It is said that about 15% of sufferers will die and about 60% will remain chronically unwell. The causes of death are suicide, infection and gastrointestinal complications. .
             A person suffering from bulimia is less recognisable then a person suffering from anorexia because bulimia sufferers are usually average or slightly above average in weight for their hight. Bulimia is more recognised in females, but this is coming from people that have resaved medical help which means males are sufferers too but less likely to look for help. Bulimia is a secretive disease which means people go to great lengths to hide their problem.

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