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Medea as a Tragic Heroine

            In ancient Greece, tragic plays were very popular among both spectators and.
             judges, and one of the most famous tragic playwrights of the time was Euripides. Though.
             one of his plays, Medea, was rather unpopular because of its feminist ideas at the time, it.
             is now one of the most studied and famous plays among scholars and readers alike. Medea.
             is a tragic play because it has the unity of time, place, and action, and an evil action that.
             leads to the suffering and death of innocent people. The protagonist of this play, Medea.
             the sorceress, is a tragic heroine in that she experiences internal and external conflict, she.
             makes a final choice that leads to a situation from which there is no escape, and the.
             tragedy occurs within her family. .
             Firstly, Medea experiences a variety of internal and external conflicts throughout.
             the play. Her first external conflict occurs when Jason betrays her and marries Glauce.
             Medea's anger towards him is revealed in the prologue, when she openly wishes that both.
             he and her new bride be ground to pieces. Her conflict with him becomes extremely.
             evident in the second episode. When Jason comes to see her, she accuses him of being the.
             most traitorous man alive, and she vents her great anger upon him with cold and cruel.
             words. Medea also experiences an external conflict with Creon, who banishes her for his.
             great fear of her magic. Creon's cruelty towards her is part of the reason for her awful.
             revenge. Medea's internal conflicts are also a vital part to the development of the plot. Her.
             first internal conflict is revealed in the prologue of the play, in which she wishes to die.
             Here, Medea is miserable and confused about her life. Her conflict is a mental struggle.
             between life and death. Her second conflict becomes apparent when she expresses her.
             guilt for abandoning her father and city. Again, this is a mental conflict between her.
             conscience and reality. The greatest internal conflict Medea experiences is the conflict that.

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