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How Pixar Advanced the Use of Computer Generated Images

            The computer animation industry is a multimillion dollar industry that continues to flourish as directors are able to push the boundaries of reality like never before. How ever, it was not always like this and had it not been for the efforts of a small 44 personnel based company named PIXAR, it might never have been .
             In 1995 Disney released Toy story, the very first 100% full-length computer generated movie. The movie was a winner as not only did it gross the amount of $US 380million, but it lead to production of many other feature length animation, as people now knew, it could be done.
             While the look of Toy story was one of simplicity and unrealistic images, the work behind it was made up of nothing less than complications and for years of excruciatingly long hours. The company behind Toy story, no not Disney, PIXAR, was established in 1986 when Steve Jobs, current CEO of Apple, bought Lucasfilms' computer animation division and established it as an independent company by the name of PIXAR. Since those times PIXAR has come in leaps and bounds as it releases hit movie after hit movie to the waiting public. But it wasn't easy as any one would tell you, making a 5 minute animation is time consuming in the very least, let alone a feature length animated movie. While it is easier now, with the continued advancement of computer software and hardware available to the artists, back when PIXAR was established, many of those tools did not exist and thus PIXAR set it self to change the way computers would be used in the film and television industry.
             When PIXAR was established by Steve Jobs, its No.1 goal was to build itself as 2nd best animation studio in the world, as he believed that Disney would always be 1st. It was to be a short wait before PIXAR was put on the Hollywood road map as it was the first ever three dimensional computer animated movie to be nominated for an Academy Award for Luxo Jr.

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