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Outline the Problems of Evil

             a) Outline the problems of evil and explain one theory offered to solve it.
             (15 marks).
             b) God cannot be held responsible for evil and suffering. .
             Evaluate this claim. (5 marks).
             The problems of evil are recalled in what is known as the inconsistent triad':.
             God is all powerful (omnipotent).
             God is all loving (omni benevolent).
             Evil exists.
             However, only two of the above statements in the inconsistent triad appear compatible-never all three of them at once. For example, if God is all powerful' and evil exists; God cannot be all loving. If God is all loving' and evil exists; then God can therefore, not be powerful. If God is all loving' and all powerful', evil cannot exist, but it obviously does.
             " Either God cannot abolish evil, or he will not; if he cannot then he is not all-powerful; if he will not, then he is not all good."" .
             (St. Augustine).
             There is, however, one of several theories, which attempts to solve the problems of evil. The theory that I'm going to offer to you is that known as the Iranaen Theodicy'. The theory is traceable to St. Irenaeous (c.150 AD), which was then later explained further by Schleirmacher in the Eighteenth Century. And then later revived by John Hick- Evil and the God of love' in 1966. .
             Natural and moral evil helps humans to develop into better people so that they are fit to go to heaven. Humans were created in God's image i.e. with the form of God but not His content. God's plan is for humans to grow into His likeness. This can happen without being tested. The Earth itself provides the place for testing. It is believed that the evil and suffering will help humans to develop good qualities such as: kindness, generosity, patience and caring.
             " It is the leading of men as relatively free and autonomous persons through their own dealings with life in the world in which God has placed them towards that quality of personal existence that is the finite likeness of God! -.

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