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Astronaut Jones

             Woodrow Jones was a imaginative young African American boy who often dreamed of flying into space and becoming an astronaut. He would often imagine journeying to Mars, Jupiter, and even the moon and meeting intelligent life from a different planet. But being a black boy in a dominant white community he would often be made fun of for having such thoughts. The children would yell "shouldn't you be playing basketball or football, why are you so weird, how come you talk to yourself?" .
             This often made Woodrow feel really bad. Why were these kids making fun of him for what he liked to do? He would often yell back "stop it, Woodrow didn't hurt no one." But the way Woodrow talked would often make the kids burst into laughter and just made Woodrow feel even worse. But then Woodrow would start to imagine again and everyone would just vanish, it would just be astronaut Jones and his rocket.
             Woodrow could see himself in the future as astronaut Jones venturing off in the galaxy and landing down on the moon. As astronaut Jones gets out of his rocket to take a look around he starts to notice that the surface doesn't seem to look so much like cheese, all of a sudden it starts to look like rocks and stones of all different sizes. Astronaut Jones radios in to head quarters, " head quarters, come in head quarters, the moon seems to be not made of cheese, but in fact of stones and rocks. Which could only mean one thing, there must be life here." .
             In Woodrow's head astronaut Jones isn't like plain old Woodrow, he sounds like a sophisticated, brave man who doesn't fear anything. Woodrow laughs out loud "ha ha ha!" Right then the bell rings and it's time to go back in to class from recess. As Woodrow takes his seat his mind again starts to wonder and imagine some more about astronaut Jones. .
             Now astronaut Jones is walking the surface looking to come in contact with living beings on the surface of the moon.

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