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Revelation in the Truman Show, Allegory of the Cave, and Bir

            The Truman Show, the Allegory of the Cave, and the process of birth all show the concept and process of revelation. Revelation means a furthering of truth. There are two types of revelation, revelation in the world, and revelation in scripture. The Truman Show shows revelation in the world along with the Allegory of the Cave and the process of birth.
             The Truman Show is about a boy who is born into a fake life, which is a TV show for millions of people in the real world. Truman is the star of the show, but thinks that the world he lives in is the real world and has no clue that there is a greater world outside of his fake life. In the show, all the other people are actors who know that this is a show, and everything is fake and made just for Truman. The actors don't tell Truman that he lives in a fake world until a girl named Sylvia tries to tell Truman.
             Sylvia attended school with Truman in college and needed to tell Truman the truth. Sylvia and Truman left for the beach, where she tried to explain everything. It was too much for Truman and he didn't comprehend what she was saying at all. Since the truth was revealed to him so quickly, he couldn't understand it, but if it had been introduced to him over time he would have been able to understand. She told Truman that he was being watched. The thought of that sounded crazy to Truman, and he didn't entirely believe her. Before she could explain anymore, she was taken away by other actors in fear that she might ruin the show.
             Many years would go by and Truman didn't think much about the cameras watching him, but the thought still dwelled in him. In one such scene, he is shown trying to make a picture of Sylvia from faces in magazine articles. This shows how the truth and Sylvia still dwelled in him. One morning while driving to work, the radio station he was listening to was disrupted by radio signals from people who were eyeing his every move.

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