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Northern and Southern Colony Differences

            There are regional differences between the Northern and Southern colonies that have survived in modern United states. The regional differences are: economics, culture, and politics. Each topic is different from the Southern and Northern colonies.
             The Economics in the south mainly consisted of farming. The whole region developed as a rural society of self-sufficient plantations. The plantations were usually around the rivers making it possible for planters to ship their goods directly to the northern colonies and Europe without the need for public dock facilities. The plantation owners made most of what the needed to live by, so the had no need for shops such as bakeries and markets. Plantation owners usually growed a single crop for profits. Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina planters grew tobacco. Planters in South Carolina and Georgia grew rice and indigo as cash crops. The North, however, are much different. The North had thriving commercial cities. They would grind wheat, harvest fish, and saw lumber. In the 1770s, the colonists had built one-third of all british ships and were producing more than england did. Merchants were the most powerful group in the North.
             Culture varied between the two regions. The first big reason is that the North was more modern. The South didn't have the industry that the North had, so the south was less modern than the North. The South did not make as much money as the North. The North was more prosperous because of their strong industrial economy. Also, the North sought more education than the south did. The North was very strong in the intellectual movement. The South was not as concentrated on the movement as much. Therefore, the North has a more intellectual edge on the South. There used to be slavery in the South. In the North, there was no slavery because slavery was not needed. It was needed in the South because of the abundance of farming and working involved.

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