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            What were the causes of the decline and fall of the Romanov dynasty?.
             There were many causes as to the fall of the Romanov of dynasty. Russia in the late 1800s and early 1900s was a country in upheaval. Factors, which led to this national disruption, included the misrule of the Romanovs themselves, especially in relation to Tsar Nicolas II, the devastation of the Russian army during World War I, the emergence of Rasputin, and the socio-economic situation that pre-existed in Russia. All of these issues combined to cause the capitulation of the ruling family and inevitably led to dramatic social change. .
             A major factor, which contributed to the fall of the Romanovs, was Nicholas II himself. Nicholas II was the tsar of Russia from 1896-1917 and as an autocrat; he had continued the divine-right monarchy held by the Romanovs for many generations. From the day the people of Russia classified Nicholas II as an emperor, problems arose. Although Nicholas II had exquisite manners and great charm, he was responsible for being one of the most important contributors to the Romanov downfall. He was entirely unsuited to be the autocrat of so vast a country as Russia, especially at a time when the economic and social consequences of modernisation were placing such a strain on the system. He was one of the main reasons for the decline and fall of the Romanovs. .
             He was a traditional leader who only had few skills to rule 132 million people. Ruling Russia as an autocrat he expected his people and subjects to give him unquestioning obedience. Nicholas was regarded as the father who had the right to rule his people in the interests of Russia. The Tsar Nicholas had absolute power, which he did not know how to utilize, so there was no hint of what awaited him in the future. He was the cause of many incidents such as bloody sunday. .
             Instead of repetition, give examples of evidence (specific incidents, documentary evidence, quotes).

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