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            From Odysseus" experience with the Cyclops, Odysseus can be characterized as clever, intelligent character and is able to come up with unique strategy to solve his problems. When Odysseus and his men arrive on land of Cyclopes, they do not realize that they are different from Greek custom and starts eating the meat they find in Cyclopes. This upsets the Cyclops and Cyclopes then starts eating the men: "Lurching up, he lunged out with his hands toward my men and snatching two at once, rapping them on the ground he knocked them like dead like pups" (220). Odysseus and rest of them are unable to run away because they are in the cave and the entrance is blocked by a large rock. Odysseus has to fight this Cyclops, a strong frightening creature who killed and ate many men quickly and easily, almost like they are small animals. Still, Odysseus is brave enough to think about fighting the Cyclops, except in a way that would not cause any danger. His plan is to make Cyclops drunk by giving him some win. Odysseus tells Cyclops, "Here, Cyclops, try this win - to top off the banquet of human flesh you've bolted down!" (222) and Cyclops accepts it. Cyclops loves it, he demands a second bowl, Odysseus "[pours] him another fiery bowl" (222) until the win is "[swirling] down his brain" (222). Odysseus soon succeeds in getting Cyclops drunk. He yells, "Courage - no panic, no one hang back now!" (223) and Odysseus and his men stabs Cyclops straight in the eye and they "[ram] it hard" (223). Despite the fact that Odysseus is facing the human killing creature, he is able to attack it with audacity. In order to go home, he is not afraid to fight a creature that can slaughter him without any difficulty. It demonstrates how strong his desire and how ambitious he is in order to make it come true as soon as possible. From the actions he takes, Odysseus can be characterized as clever and highly motivated.

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