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             Les Misérables a well-written tale of love, honor, and obsession, developed from the core of 19th century France displayed several unique character types, and personalities. The story's protagonist, Jean Valjean who stole a loaf of bread and was condemned to nineteen years in prison, and a remainder of life on the run appeared to be in shambles. Only an act of forgiveness changes the course of his life from that of poverty and ridicule to that of human riches, and praise. A Police Inspector hunts Jean Valjean by the name of Javert whose untimely discovery of Valjean's past turns into a complete obsession with catastrophic consequences. .
             The main character Jean Valjean is the epitome of rehabilitation. After spending nineteen years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread Jean Valjean becomes callused. He is very angry at society for his unjust sentence, and as a result his thought pattern transforms into mere black and white. Only the saintly Bishop of Digne treats him kindly and Valjean whom is hardened repays him by stealing some silver. After being caught and on the brink of another unjust sentence of life in prison Valjean loses hope. However when the Bishop lies to the police to save him, Valjean becomes astonished. As a result he decides to start his life anew, and not see black and white (good or bad) any more but only life struggles between the two. Valjean is transformed from the completely selfish, callused man into a man devoted to selfless acts who helps many of "les miserables- that he meets. .
             Valjean during one of his selfless acts reveals himself, by showing his incredible strength that was built up during sentence. As a result he is pursued by a parole officer name Javert. This completely obsessive police inspector who ends up chasing Valjean so happens to be Valjean's parole officer. Once Valjean's parole is broken however Javert makes it his life's mission to capture Valjean and see him behind bars.

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