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The Harp and My Grandma

             Peter Whitehead is the artiest name that created the wonderful piece of artwork that I chosen. Whitehead calls his art piece, "Spoon Harp," he created the harp in the year 2000, and this piece of art is made up of wood, hide and nylon strings. The "Spoon Harp," stands about three feet high, and is about one foot weight. On the top of the art piece there are seven wooden spoons, the spoons are all the same size. These spoons are kind of like the spoons parents speck their children with when they are acting badly. The spoons are coming out of the piece of driftwood like as if they grow out of the wood, like braches grow out of trees. The driftwood is a smooth long piece of wood about two and a half feet long and curves; it looks like a snake to me. Then the driftwood enters the side center of what it looks like to be the top of a circler African drum and exits out the other side, sticking out about two inches. On top of the drum there is smooth tuff hide. In the middle of the hide there is seven nylon strings in a prefect row going up to the wooden spoons and disappearing into the bottom side of the spoons. Peter Whitehead makes this art piece flow together as one piece. The art piece looks like it grow right out of the grown. Peter Whitehead does a great job on the color of the art piece. I believe because of the color Mr. Whitehead selected is one of the reasons why the harp flows together so greasily. The color is a natural earth color giving the art piece the look as if it was a tree. If some one would come along and play the "Spoon Harp," I believe that the sound it would make would be a little song out of a fairly tell. .
             Walking inside of the Saint Mary's Art Gallery, I would of never known that a piece of art would bring back a lovely memory from my childhood. Soon as I walked inside the art gallery my eyes came across this glories piece of art.

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