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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

             Hyde is a very interesting but complex with book. The book starts out with the introduction of Mr. Utterson and how he hears of a gruesome murder. Rumors were saying that a Mr. Hyde committed the murder and disappears into the darkness. Utterson notices that a Dr. Jekyll has transferred a will to the same Mr. Hyde. This draws attention the two of them. .
             With Mr. Utterson puzzled he visits Dr. Jekyll to learn more . Utterson soon stakes out the building he often sees Hyde , the deformed man entering a laboratory attached to the back of Dr. Jekyll's house. One year later to the Date of the murder, Utterson contacts the police for he suspects that hyde could be the murderer . They enter Hyde's apartment and find that he has fled . Utterson soon after visits Dr. Jekyll . Dr.Jekyll shows utterson a note ending the contact of himself and hyde. That night however utterson notices how familiar that two types of handwriting there are .
             A few months pass and Jekyll has become noticeably social. Utterson was walking by jekyll's house and sees him in the window when an ill feeling comes over jekyll . Jekyll stops receiving visitors and has locked himself in his laboratory. Mr. Poole visits utterson in act of desperation for he has been in there for weeks. Poole and utterson travel through Jekyll's house and break down the laboratory door. Inside they find the body of Hyde , wearing Jekyll's cloths and apparently dead by suicide. They also find a note from jekyll to explain everything .It explains how Jekyll, seeking to separate his good side from his darker impulses, discovered a way to transform himself whenever into a deformed monster free of conscience "Mr. Hyde. At first, Jekyll reports, he delighted in becoming Hyde and was happy with the that the creature possessed. Eventually, however, he found that he was turning into Hyde involuntarily in his sleep, even without taking the potion. At this point, Jekyll resolved to cease becoming Hyde.

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