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A Love for Granted: A Study of "Godfather Death"

            In the story "Godfather Death," the Grimm brothers were trying to give the readers an example of what could happen when all you care about is fame and/or power, and all you think about is "yourself" taking for granted the love someone is caring to share with you. There are not too many characters in this story, yet the plot was interesting enough to keep the readers excited about what could happen next. I mention this because, in my opinion, it's harder to make a story, and keep it interesting, based on just few characters. The protagonist and the setting of "Godfather Death" are two of the main things that made my reading experience an unforgettable one.
             First of all, the main character, the godson, is a good example of how the uncontrolled desire for lust and power could change a person's behavior. The godson started out being this well-known person few days after Death, his godfather, gave him the ability to cure sick people: "He needs only to look at the sick person," everyone said, "and the godson will tell him if he can get well or not" (9). Unfortunately, he, then, began to desire more than just recognition, and this is where he started to look more towards lust and power to the point where he defies his own godfather, the One who gave him the ability to heal, the One who gave him his "christening present": "If I cheat Death this one time, he will get angry, but since I am his godson, he will turn an eye blind, so I will risk it" (9-10). Bad choice, godson! Even though he got away with that the first time, he tried to take advantage of his godfather's love for him, again, only that this time he died for going against the power of his godfather: Death. "You hoodwinked me this time," Death said, "I will forgive you once because you are my godson, but if you do such thing again, it will be your neck, and I will take you away with me" (10). This event gives the godson a hopeful characteristic since he is still waiting for a second chance from the man who treats all man the same regardless of race, status, or gender: "I am Death who makes all men equal" (9).

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