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Dream Analysis

            This dream did not seem real at all, due to the seemingly coincidental nature and timing of the dream. The facts surrounding my dream, actually helped me realize how true the psychology of dreams was, even in my own life. When we had begun this chapter on dreaming and sleeping in psychology class, I had not been getting as much sleep as I knew I needed. I was simply not tired anymore until late at night, and the week before my dream, had been one that was laden with sleep deprivation. Having been tired all week was most likely the reason why I fell asleep so easily in the classroom, and stayed in such a deep sleep. .
             The facts about the classroom having no windows, or the usual visual stimuli on the walls suggests my feelings as of late, that I am not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as far as the college application process. I believe that the artificial light of the classroom, and its boring cinder-block walls represented that tunnel, and this setting tied in to my fear of the detention on my college transcript. My leaving of the classroom and acceptance of the detention in the end of my dream symbolically represented that I could not care anymore, and should accept my fate.
             Interestingly, it is my own belief that Mrs. Smith's actions and character actually represented my girlfriend who I had broken up with that week. The fact that my teacher was not forgiving at all toward my shortcomings was much like how I had sometimes felt in my relationship with my girlfriend. The earlier mentioned analysis of the setting of the dream also suggests a lot about my previous relationship. I could have been seeing that it was a bare place, with no hope of escape, or at least I thought. When I opened the door and left the class, could be symbolic of me leaving that relationship as frustrated and angry with the individual.
             The fact that my classmates were laughing at me is representative of my close friends, who had been assuring me that my relationship with this individual would not last, due to her actions and life at college.

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