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What Causes Young Adults to Drink Alcohol?

            There are several reasons why young adults drink alcohol. What ever the reasons there are thousands of teens illegally consuming alcohol each day. That may be a reason, the thrill of breaking the law. But, I think the three main reasons that teens drink are for acceptance, the effects, and that it is hereditary. .
             Acceptance is a big part of every teen's life. Everyone wants to fit in with the so called "cool group."" Teens will do everything and anything to fit in with this group, even if that means they have to start drinking. Dr. Gross explains that if a teen feels they can be accepted by drinking a beer, they will. .
             Teens will often take part in inappropriate behaviors as a means to belong. If a teen finds a group of friends that drinks alcohol, they will drink with them because they want to be with them. Just as an adult will take up the game of golf to impress their boss or colleagues, a teen will begin drinking, smoking or whatever else it takes to impress "and essentially belong "to their peers. Haley.
             Everyone wants to belong to something. If they are not accepted to the group they want to be, sometimes the person becomes depressed.
             Peer pressure may get teens started drinking but the effect keeps them coming back. The problems of life away are suppressed for a short time by alcohol. Everything is going good and the person is having a good time for a few hours. Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. So if you're tense or uptight, drinking will reduce some of the tension and help you "chill out- for a short time (Hester). Alcohol relaxes your muscles and your mind. It is an effect a lot of people seek. .
             Drinking may be out of some teen's hands. Alcoholism is hereditary. Forty to sixty percent of children with an alcoholic parent are also likely to be become alcoholics (Remington-Stephens). Alcoholism is a serious disease; it claims an estimated 100,000 lives every year.

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