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Mein Kampf

             Obviously Hitler had very different views from the other leaders, Stalin and Lenin. Especially different were their view on "solutions" to the national problems of their countries.
             In his work Mein Kampf he talks a lot about race. "Any crossbreeding between two not completely equal beings will result in a product that is in between the level of the two parents (Andrea, Pg 400). This was alright to Hitler but crossbreeding races was taboo. "As little as nature approves the mating of higher and lower individuals, she approves even less the blending of higher races with lower ones (Pg 400)." He talked about how this was the reason why great civilizations died off because of crossbreeding races. He believed the world was one great big competition to find the best race. As you know, he disliked the Jews in a terrible extreme. "The Jew provides the greatest contrast to the Aryan. With no other people of the world has the instinct for self-preservation been so developed as by the so-called chosen race (Pg 401). "Since the Jew never had a civilization of his own, others have always provided the foundations of his intellectual labors. His intellect has always developed by the use of those cultural achievements he has found ready at hand around him. Never has it happened the other way around (Pg 401).".
             When talking about the ideal of the Folkish State, he talks about having the best minds running the country but only one man would make a final decision, which would be him when his time in office would come. Hitler wanted to expand his nation and his race throughout the world. "It must, without consideration of "traditions" or preconceived notions, find the courage to gather our people and their forces and advance them on the path from their present restricted living space to new land and soil (Pg 403)." Hitler wanted to take Russia, its subservient border states and the vast lands to the East.

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