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Copper Sunrise

             You"re all alone, you have no friends and you spend your days taking to animals. Tragically a boy named Jamie experiences this awful life. In the novel Copper Sunrise, a true friendship stands. Jamie a young boy with no one to be his friend has to find his own friendly companion. After a while Jamie has a face-to-face encounter with a young native boy named Tethani. Amazingly their friendship prospers. Although they do not speak the same language, they find a way to communicate and put together a solid friendship. Having a good friendship takes more than saying hi to a person once in a while. It takes three main components. Those components are making sure that it doesn"t matter what others think of your friend. Showing trust at all times to your friend, and always being committed to your friend.
             You have to make the best of your relationship, while it lasts. In some cultures it is not good to interact with other races. During the novel Copper Sunrise you can see that. Sadly Jamie's parents do not want him being around with native people. Courageously Jamie does hang around with his nice friend, because they make each other happy. Although Jamie hears stories about what other people think of the natives, he does not listen to them. One thing that makes a friendship last is if you continue to be someone's friend even if people say bad things about your friend. Corrupted speech, such as that of Jamie" father when he said " I don"t know what they"d do to you, lad, but if one of their boys (native boys) wandered in here, I"d grab Rob's rifle and blow his head open." Words such as that can"t get in the way of your friendship. One more thing that is essential in an outgoing friendship is ignoring what people say about your friends. Because often people say things that are not true, or things that they say to make themselves feel good. In Copper Sunrise you do not see Jamie betraying his friendship in Tethani because of what other people think.

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