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How are the Five Themes of Geography Related to History

            How are the five themes and tools of geography related to the study of historical event? .
             Both such different subjects, and yet one in such need of the other since they are bonded with natural relations; History and Geography, two different studies, one about events through the ages and the other about positions and facts about our earth. .
             How do these two different subjects relate to each other? Firstly, History studies the world from the view of events that took place from the very earliest times to the present; Geography indeed helps that study's accuracy, since it describes the stage and location that this event took place.
             The five basic themes of Geography ( Location, Place, Relationship within places, Movement, and Regions) explains in precise detail how Geography really helps History through its basic topics that it focuses on. .
             Location can be seen through two aspects; absolute location, which deals with the exact location that a place is situated, and relative location, which describes that location in relation with other areas. This theme helps historians in identifying certain areas where their study takes place in.
             Place is very vital to a historian's understanding of his study's topic; place indicates a location's identity, such as its physical characteristics which include shape of land, vegetation and land use, and the human characteristics of the area which specify in population distribution, street layout and architecture. Combined, these two identities change through time, and this change could play major roles in a historian's conclusion.
             Relationships within places shows how through out time people adapted to the ways of living that their environment provided for them. This theme is of great importance to any historian for it shows how people interrelate with their environment and the consequences of such interrelations.

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