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"Would you agree with Malcolm that Lady Macbeth is a "fiend-

             The simple explanation of the phrase "fiend-like" is summed up in just one word, which is a word that immediately comes to mind when the word "fiend" is mentioned: evil. Several words can then be linked to the word "evil", which can give a perfect description of someone who may be understood as "fiend-like". A person who may possibly be seen as fiend-like would be thought to be almost satanic, linked with the devil, a mind of evil and each thought filled with cruelty and wickedness. .
             It seems ridiculous that someone who is as appreciated and respected as a queen could be described as fiend-like. A present-day stereotype of a queen would be someone who is loyal and kind, patriotic and devoted to her own country. A queen should be someone who is exceptionally responsible and should be a good representative of her country. The public saw Lady Macbeth as quite the opposite. Lady Macbeth was seen as cruel and devious, always up to no good. In fact no one really saw her as a queen at all - she was only actually referred to as being Queen twice in the whole time that she reigned - she is always just talked about as "Lady Macbeth". Lady Macbeth was very dissimilar to other women around the time that she was living, for example, compared to Lady Macduff who was very maternal and kind, Lady Macbeth was so domineering and powerful and authoritative. An important element in her make-up is her lack of children. It seems to me that she has replaced her maternal feelings with those of ambition. Lady Macbeth was a very controlling person and always seemed to obtain the leadership role in the relationship between her and Macbeth, which was very abnormal in those days for the woman to do so. .
             The play of Macbeth begins with the scene which is one that creates the atmosphere for the play. This is the scene with the three witches, who seem to be the central source of wickedness and immorality. One of the witches declares "There to meet with Macbeth".

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