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Management and Forecasting

            Last issue we focused on alignment of manufacturing output to customer demand and alterations in manufacturing architecture. To achieve bottom-line improvement; a small to medium manufacturing enterprise (SME) must have a good information system and excellent planning. The customer driven readiness techniques that we focused on are approachable changes that can be implemented with training and empowered employees. At the World Expo last month there were several presentations and panel discussions on manufacturing organization and strategy.
             This month we will explore some forecasting techniques for remanufacturers that will use some of your company's internal data to understand product lifecycle and then approximate cartridge total cost over the life cycle. The validity of any forecasting model that you create for your business is dependent upon the knowledge bank you have sown. Continuing from the "customer relationship- management model from September's issue we need to describe a practical solution for manufacturing at a high velocity, high efficiency, and higher profit.
             Enterprise Readiness Planning.
             There are many software applications available to support manufacturing managers understanding of their enterprise processes. The systems that you have in place today that handle operations, materials, distribution, resources, capacity, purchasing, shop floor details, scheduling, customer relations, accounts receivable, accounts payable, product development, and plant maintenance have generally been homebrew evolutionary office practices that were developed by your individual managers. Inmost cases only the closely associated office practices have integrated themselves so that the work flow or financial processes fulfill product promise dates. .
             In the strategy model we discussed in the last issue the customer was our focus point. The model demands that "the customer gets what they need, when they need it, precisely as they wanted-.

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