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            When you were about eight years old, did you have (a)-swollen cheek(s)? That swollen cheek(s) is a disease, caused by the swelling of the salivary gland called mumps. Mumps is a common sickness. It is contagious and it can be passed on to other people easily. This virus is called Poramyxovirus. It has a spherical shape. People should be cautioned about this disease and should not have contact with other people's breath.
             Mumps is a virus called Poramyxovirus. It is caused by the salivary gland, and can spread to the pancreas making it swollen. This virus only lives on humans. It could pass on to other humans by droplets of saliva. Coughing and sneezing can also be passed to other people.
             This disease can come anytime. Usually during the age of six to ten years old. It is very painful to children and can have a severe headache. Adults also can have mumps but not likely. If they do, it is more painful and it will take a long time to heal. It takes about two or four weeks to heal.
             The symptoms are very common. We can tell that the cheeks are swollen and painful. It can also give a high fever about one hundred to one hundred four degrees, headache and back-pain. Doctors can also check up on the swollen pancreas and the swelling of the testes or the ovaries.

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