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Diet Supplements Affecting american Standard of Living

            Diet supplements are a new fade among Americans, how safe are they? Will anything herbal have actual side affects? All 100% natural, well so is tobacco plant or even cocaine. The economic and social influences in the pursuit for the prefect body are increasingly consuming the human mind causing the path to perfect "health" to be ridden with self inflicted disabilities.
             The health market is a dominant factor within society, the new advances in technology have created supposed wonder diet supplements. Companies producing dietary supplements do not need FDA (federal drug administration) approval thus it is hard to create a set of rules to make sure these supplements are useful. The law states that companies are required to make sure their own supplements are safe. Effectiveness is not covered under the law this is how advertising and companies, "lull us into fantasies of a consumer paradise where perfect happiness requires only purchasing the right exercise equipment and diet supplements"(Morris 97). The strategies of advertising force people to believe they are out of the "norm" this then makes people believe buying certain things will make them instantly better. Think of yourself or others that have bought exercise equipment to only watch it collect dust in your/their basement. Morris also states how in the United States, company's force people into believing the only way to handle their un-normal bodies is to buy products to magically wipe out any impurities (Morris 107). The economy now depends on these "self improving" purchases with the health market growing incredibly. .
             Social standards are clearly seen in Hollywood's projection of the perfect body; thin, muscular, and generally "healthy" looking. Socially people are looked at differently if they have not achieved what is considered normal, these un-normal characters are considered to be disabled.

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