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            We are waiting for our awful grandmother at the entrance of the church. She disappeared behind a heavy leather outer curtain with the dusty velvet inner. We have been instructed not to wander over by the balloon and punch ball vendors. Inside there is a gold crucifix bent crooked due to a boom that was thrown at one time. .
             The story is about Mexicans and their religion. The grandmother is praying for everyone in the family who does not attend mass and needs praying for. Grandmother is a very judgmental person against people who do not attend church.
             She must feel that church is not for children as she makes them wait by the front entrance and tells them they must stay put. While they are waiting they notice the people that are outside the church, they describe them as people who wash to church on their knees, some with fat rags tied around their legs and others with pillows. There are woman who have black shawls that they cross and uncross. There are armies" pf penitents carrying banners and flowered arches while musicians play tinny trumpets and tinny drums.
             Her big brother is leaning against the wall with his eyes closed while her other brother is running around in circles. She thinks her brother is imagining he's a flying feather dancer like the ones they saw on Virgins birthday; she would like to be one also.
             However when her brother runs past her he shouts out that he is a b-fifty two boomer and that she is a German and pretends to shoot her with an invisible gun. She does not want to play this but if she tells her brother he will not play with her. .
             Her brother likes to call her girl, which is his favorite insult instead of sissy. She has decided to be the German so they will play with her. When her brother runs past he yells IM flash Gordon and your Mind the merciless and the Mud people. She does not want to be the mud people, she wants to cry but that is what girls do so she holds it in.

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