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The Shawshank Redemtion

             I believe that Frank Darabont, the director of "The Shawshank Redemption" was extremely clever in the way he used certain mediums to reinforce the concepts of the film. The tools of his trade that he uses extremely effectively are camerawork, lighting, colour sound, music, imagery and actors.
             Some examples of the camera work he chose to use were focus, close ups, medium shots, long shots, high angles, low angles and zoom.
             These camera tricks were used discretely to the untrained eye, however helped to give much better impact and depth to the story line. .
             Close ups were used in a few scenes, especially those featuring the warden and the screws. I felt that these close-ups gave a greater defined anger and provided a more powerful impact. An example of this was when Andy escaped and he wasn't in his cell, or when the main screw was going to throw Andy off the roof. .
             The low and high angles were some camera techniques that I believe made the movie what it was. Filming from above showed the authority as well as vast space. Colouring also came into play with these techniques. Scenes that were filmed from a low angle however, showed fright and cowardice. Some areas where the low angles were used were from the perspective of someone who was in the hole or about to be beaten, for example when Andy was in the hole, or about to be raped by the sisters. Other examples were when fat ass was about to be smashed by the screws, or when the sister was beaten in his cell for putting Andy in the infirmary. The high angles on the other hand were used to show the prison from an aerial view, or to show the perspective of the authority figures, such as the screws and the warden. Long shots were used to film the rows of cells and the zooms were used effectively to show the confusion and fear. An example of an effective zoom was when the warden shot himself.
             The sound effects throughout the film left a huge impact.

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