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Children in Hogarth's art

            William Hogarth is one of the greatest English artists of 18th century. His extraordinary talent made him be admired by thousands of people, who treasure real art. Hogarth was a founder of a completely new genre - moral history, which was known as Hogarthian. He wrote a book "Analysis of Beauty-, in which he described the principles of his art. In this book he is focused upon the practical origins of beauty and elegance. Describing and analyzing the elements of beauty, he wants to make beauty accessible and understandable by everyone. .
             William Hogarth gave a special place to children in his drawings. One of the brightest examples of his affection for children is his outstanding picture "The Graham Children- (1742). The artist's tenderness comes out in his portraits of the children of a wealthy squire. This work is considered one of the Hogarth's most brilliant and accomplished works. Hogarth has shown in this picture the innocence and transience of childhood, the beauty of nave and untroubled children. The simplicity and forwardness of how the picture was painted presents a sharp contrast with the stiff stereotype of portraying children at those times. .
             According to the research done by me the picture illustrates children of Daniel Graham, who was apothecary to the royal household. In the corner of the picture there is a youngest child, sitting on the chair, beside which there is a basket with fruits. It is said that the child had been dead when the picture was being painted. And Hogarth portrays him as if he were alive. .
             The girl holds the hand of the child. In her other hand I can see two cherries. Many artists of Renaissance period used to draw cherries or they called them the "Fruits of Paradise- as a symbol of Heaven or innocence. In this painting the cherries can be interpreted as a symbol of purity and transparency. .
             The other girl, that is in the middle looks very happy and pleased with something, which is not described in the picture.

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