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Difinition of Organazation Behavior

             As the title implies, this paper will define the current definition of Organizational Behavior or OB. OB is a field of study that began at the beginning of the Nineteenth century due in large to the industrial revolution. .
             Today's Definition of Organizational Behavior.
             As the title implies, this paper will define the current definition of Organizational Behavior or OB. If history is to be any indication of what is to come, the future will define OB is a different way. Simply put OB observes the different behaviors of individuals, groups, and the organizational structure, and applies this knowledge to predict their affects on the performance of the organization.
             Organizational behavior is an applied behavioral science that is built upon contributions for a number of behavioral disciplines (Robbins, 2001, p. 12). These disciplines support the different behaviors of the organization. Psychology focuses on the individual behaviors, while sociology, and social psychology, are concerned with the group and structures within the organization. Anthropology studies the differences in behavior and attitude at the macro level, while political science contributes the understanding of behaviors within a political environment.
             As organizations in business have evolved, so has the definition of OB. The science of OB has developed by using general concepts and then altering their application to the particular situation (Robbins, 2001, p.14). As the organizations, change the concepts of OB are modified to reflect the specific situations within the organization. .
             OB is a tool managers can use to find solutions to the complex critical issues in today's environment. Globalization and diversity of the workforce has forced managers to better understand the different cultures and lifestyles of the workforce. OB offers solutions and insight for managers that will help them better understand the needs and desires of their employees.

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