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Stephen Kings Carrie

            In his book Carrie, Stephen King writes about a young teenage girl named Carrie White who has been teased and ridiculed throughout her life by her peers. The rejection she experienced by them and the abuse of her overzealously religious mother triggered paranormal circumstances, which eventually led to the deaths of her mother, her peers and herself. Some people may think that Carrie was some kind of evil Demon. Then again, others might say that she was just a normal, albeit unpopular, girl who's innocence of her own sexuality eventually caused her to go on a rampage, killing everyone.
             Those who think that Carrie was evil are completely wrong. Even her own mother, who was a religious fanatic, believed that Carrie was a product of sin and therefore should have been killed at birth. "You spawn of the Devil," she whispered. "Why was I so cursed?" (King 56). She once wrote a letter to her own mother, whom she had left because she was living in sin, explaining that she was married and living ""sinlessly, without the Curse of Intercourse."" (King 60). ""Devil's child," she moaned. "Devil's child, Satan spawn-"" (King 97). But Carrie was conceived later that year when Margaret, Carries mother, was raped by her own husband. Because that happened she thought that Carrie was a punishment from God, and therefore, the spawn of Satan. Carrie was not the spawn of Satan, even though Margaret was raped. She was just a poor girl who had a hard time growing up. Her mother wasn't the least bit normal. She would lock Carrie up in a closet whenever she had sinned. "There had been other times when mamma had kept her in the closet for as long as a day at a stretch .and Carrie had once fainted from the lack of food and the smell of her own waste." (King 58). Anybody in that type of atmosphere can become so enraged that they will take revenge on the people who have tormented them and that could make them seem evil.

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