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Ed Gein

            What do we really know what goes on in a serial killers mind.
             argue that its traits pass down through the family, or that its a chemical imbalance in the.
             brain. To tell you the truth we might never know if human nor science will ever find the.
             real reason way a person would kill. .
             In this crime file that you are about to read will open you into the life of Edward.
             Gein. As you read you will discover that the lifestyle that Mr. Gein had lived made him,.
             well you can say "insane". To my beliefs and in Mr. Gein case, the environment that one.
             lives in can change a person .
             One of the serial killers I find most intriguing is Edward Gein. Gein was an.
             extremely disturbed individual - even by forensic psychology standards. The purpose of.
             this paper is to provide information on Ed Gein. It is in "no understanding" to serve a.
             tribute to this man of his ghastly deeds, but rather to recognize him as a source that.
             forever shaped the way we watch horror today. He served as a model for many of the.
             greatest villains to ever ravage across the silver screen: Norman Bates from "Psycho",.
             Buffalo Bill from "Silence of the Lambs", and LeatherFace from "Texas Chainsaw.
             Massacre". His deeds went on to influence the storytelling of such films as "Maniac",.
             "Three on a Meat hook", and "Deranged".
             Wisconsin is known as hunting and farming country, heavily wooded with many.
             isolated tows and smallholdings. Edward Theodore Gein was born to George and.
             Augusta on August 27, 1906, in a small town called La Crosse, Wisconsin. He had a.
             brother Henry who was four years older. Life for the brothers was hard, their father was a.
             drunk, who was henpecked by their intimidating, religious, mother until he had enough.
             liquor inside him to return her taunts with violence. Edward was a quiet and obedient.
             son, whom Augusta favored. All Edward wanted was a little of her attention each day in.
             return for his total devotion. .
             When Edward started school, Augusta sent him with his brother to the local.

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