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Little Chimney Boy

            Little Chimney Boy In William Blake's poems, Blake gives his characters important traits which are significant to the characters themselves and to the poems. He does a magnificent job with the speaker in his poem, The Chimney Sweeper. The speaker- who is a little boy th sweeps chimneys to survive- is characterized as comforting, honest, and hopeful. With these characteristics, the little boy in The Chimney Sweeper is able to enhance his character and the poem. The little chimney boy is portrayed as being comforting in The Chimney Sweeper for many reasons. As Tom Darce-who is a beginner chimney sweeper- cries about his hair being cut, the little chimney boy must find ways to soothe Tom Darce=s feelings (Blake ). He says in a sympathetic voice to Tom, AHush, Tom!@ (Blake 7). He continues with convincing Tom that getting his hair cut was the best thing by saying, Afor when your head=s bare, / You know that the soot cannot spoil your white hair@ (Blake 7-8). he little chimney boy=s comforting is successful for Tom stops crying and is able to sleep and dream peacefully. If it is not for the little chimney boy=s comforting attitude Tom might have not survived as a chimney sweeper and the poem would have lack honesty. Honesty is very important in The Chimney Sweeper because it allows the little chimney boy to help himself and other chimney sweepers adapt to life as chimney sweepers. The little chimney boy is honest with Tom about his baldness being an advantage to s eping out chimneys. His honesty gives Tom a comforting thought and Tom is able to sleep better. Perhaps, the little chimney boy=s honest prevents him from living in an imaginary world that is bound to come apart as the truth comes out. This enables t little chimney boy to be honest with himself so he is not let down later. By being honest, the little chimney boy can accept the way his life is. In the beginning of the poem, the little chimney boy admits, AWhen my mother died I was very young, / An my father sold me while yet my tongue / Could scarcely cry A*weep!=weep!=weep!=weep!@ (Blake 1-3).

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