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Burma War

            The Burma Campaign of WW2 was held in 1942, Burma the country formally known as Myanmar is a country almost the same size and land mass as the state of Texas. The country sits down low in the bottom of southern Asia between China and India. Along the northern, eastern, and western borders of Burma are high mountains. The Himalayas towards the north reach altitudes of 19,000 feet. The western mountains in between Burma and India forming the java arc consists of pinnacles as high as 12,000 feet, the Bay Of Bengal and the Andaman Sea at the southern boundary, on the south east Burma shares an extended border with Thailand. The central area of the country consists of north-south belts of fertile plains, rivers, valleys, and delta's, rainfall is heavy through out the year. The Irrawaddy River and its major tribute. The Chindwin drains the western portions of the country, and the Salween and Sittang Rivers drain the regions in the east. .
             One of the main reasons the Burma Campaign was formed was to grant independence back into Burma and hold back the Japanese intruders that had thought overtaking Burma would be a big step in winning WW2, but it wasn't easy for the Jap's as they weren't used to this jungle war, one of the most breath taking jungle fights ever that had a big step and taught a huge lesson to jungle fights after the Burma war.
             A little less than a week after the bombing of Pearl harbour. Japanese planes took off from the captured air bases in Thailand and began the invasion of Burma by starting with the bombing of Tavoy Airdrome which was an efficient British outpost on the Andaman Sea south of Rangoon. The next day, 12 December 1941 small numbers of Japanese troops began the ground war by infiltrating into Burma. The imperial British forces in Burma which were unaware and unprepared for war with the Japanese lacked intelligence staff. The only British forces in Burma were British and Indian units known as the Army in Burma.

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