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Arab Isarlie Conflict

             with diaspora, this was the first step in the Arab/ Israeli conflict.
             The main causes of the Arab/ Israeli conflict are number one: religious differences, and number two: both sides claim the same territory as their homeland. The need for nationalism in the middle east is great, because of Hertzle and the Zionist movement. (The Zionist movement is the belief that the Jews should have their own home land.) The arab nationalists feel the same way (that they should have their own home land.) Some of these nationalists are Fisal, Hussain, and Lawrence of Arabia. They have led many people to believe that the Jews should be denied their rightful home land that led to the British take over in WWI. .
             In WWI the allies where France, Brittan, and Russia. The central powers were Germany, Austria, and Turkey. Between the wars (WWI and WWII) the English and the French divided the Turkish territory in the middle east between themselves. This caused large scale Jewish immigration into Palestine. This caused the arabs to go into an uproar of protests. The British then limited the immigration per year. .
             Then came WWII (1939-1945). In this war, came the Holocaust (the mass execution of over 6 million jews). After the war was over, it lead to more immigration, the British then decided to hand the problem over to the U.N., the U.N. decided to let the Jews have their territory in Palestine they divided Palestine into 2 parts: Jewish Palestine and arab Palestine. The jews finally got their own land in 1948, this is also when the first war occurred between the arabs and Israelis. .
             The jews won this war, as well as all of the later wars. The jews then took more of the land from the arabs. After that Egypt took over the Gaza Strip and the west bank of Jordan. The Palestinians then became refugees. .
             The cold war lasted from 1950 to 1990. In this time there was the 1956 war, Egypt took over the Suez canal and the Israelis attacked the Egyptians because they closed the Gulf of Aucuba.

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