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Supreme Court and Pornography

            The US Supreme Court: Sexually Motivated?.
             Following the defeat of Germany and Japan during World War II the United States almost immediately became burdened with another challenge, that of, containing their former ally, the Soviet Union. Known as the Cold War, this conflict inspired tremendous technological advances as well as, drastic social changes throughout the world and especially within the United States. The rivalry for global dominance immediately became, perhaps, the single most important factor determining the American, as well as, the global human experience and would remain so for the next fifty years. In just viewing one of these great social changes occurring within the United States at this time, the sexual revolution, which effectively broke down the pre-existing gender roles, sex laws, and the sexual morality of mainstream American society, one may see that this change, though beginning slowly eventually became so great and so widespread that it not only affected American culture, but, also, the legal institutions of the United States as well. The most powerful and therefore, most important such institution, the United States Supreme Court, was no exception, and in fact, was the leader of such legal change. In three separate cases dealing with either federal or state obscenity laws, Roth v. US (1957), Stanley v. Georgia (1969) and Reno v. ACLU (1997) the full extent of the effect of the sexual revolution upon the Supreme Court can clearly be seen. In fact one can trace, through these cases, the ever growing influence of the changing sexual morality within the US, from the infancy of the revolution, through its adolescence and finally through to its full maturity. .
             The 1950's began with the first armed conflict of the Cold War, that is, the Korean War. Officially known as a United Nations police action, this battle between the communist North Koreans, supported by the Sino-Soviet Bloc, and the capitalist South Koreans, backed by the US and its allies, revealed the extent to which the Cold War would affect US foreign policy, as well as, domestic issues.

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